Monday, October 1, 2007

October, meet Diame, Diame meet October.

Yes! The start of a mew momth, amd comsequemtly, a mew me.

I love that I have GOALS mow. I kmow I have 2 big races ahead of me - Turkey Trot om 11/22 amd the OC Halfie om 1/8. What's a better way to kick off a mew momth tham to have mew goals? That meams, the followimg must be completely takem out of my diet amd also must be dome:

1. Soda. Evem diet. Diet Squirt, I'll miss you.
2. Fast food. Daggers to my heart! Taco Bell, Del Taco amd Im-M-Out, I'll REALLY miss you.
3. Alcohol. Qualificatiom - I get 3 free passes this momth om this ome.
4. Be cleamer amd meater - for my sake as well as Mark's memtal health. If you'd like a little peek imto what I'm talkimg about, here's what my side of the closet looks like.


WeezerMonkey said...

OMG. Even our closets are twins.

Seriously, we could go on Clean Sweep.

amber said...

the picture of your closet just gave me a little heart attack. my closet would probably make you vomit a little ;)

Aline said...

Your side of the closet looks like Matt's side of the closet.

So many changes! You must feel great. You're officially my motivation and hero for the month.. well till Jan if you do the halfie. ;o)

mboc said...

Please tell me there's at least a turkey at the end of that run.

Kristel said...

Don't feel too bad. My entire upstairs looks like your closet. Clothes strewn everywhere.

Khatera said...

OMG! It looks like we have the same goals :)
My phat ass needs to lose 8 pounds- i too have left the world of soda and fast food behind!

I am am a closet - slob! Mine looks just as bad as yours - possibly worse ;0(

We should run together! And let me know about these great walks/runs!

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