Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's been a great month!

I don't blog much, but I *try* to get at least 1 update in each month.

Even though Mr10yt was gone for 3.5 weeks out of the month, I had to make the most out of it. Thank God for great friends who give me endless laughs and who keep great company....and LEGALLY BLONDE the musical!

Sarah, Aline and Wan and I headed over to Hollywood to watch one of my favorite movies set to a musical. It was my first time to the Pantages and I couldn't have asked for a better show to see for that occasion! We had dinner beforehand at Magnolia, another hit. Wan's recap was fabbo here, so I won't try to replicate it. She even came bearing sweet gifts - yahoooo!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


It's not even 1pm on Saturday and I've already got a big list:

Yay - ran 6.5 miles in great time
Boo - dropped off my two dogs at the resort and Sophie was crying through the window
Yay - Going to LA tonight and having sushi at Katsuya and frozen yogurt at Menchie's with friends
Boo - Reason I'm going to LA is because I have to sit for an exam tomorrow
Yay - I have my good luck charms to keep in my pocket during the exam
Boo - Mr10yt left last night and I just now realized he will be out of the country for work for our anniversary
Yay - We leave for our Moorea vacay a few days after he gets back

No in-betweens for me.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I got bored

So, I got some of these: (Saucony Guide 2)

Searched for, found, and dusted this off: (Garmin 305)

So I could do this on December 6, 2009:

I hope I don't change my mind or chicken out.