Sunday, December 23, 2007

Important updates!!

On the marathon training front - I have good news! Yesterday we did 12 miles in 2:08 - YES!! This was a better average mile time than last weekend of about 10:34 minute miles. Our run 12/walk 1 method really helps with recovery and endurance running for longer distances. I'm slightly sore in the legs today, due to my lack of weekday training for the past 2 weeks.

Upcoming races and training sessions:
- 12/29: 8 mile timed run
- 12/31: 5 to 8 mile timed Goodbye 2007 fun run on the Newport Beach to Huntington Beach boardwalk (only in Orange County - Holler)
- 1/6: ORANGE COUNTY HALF MARATHON!!! I think our team is ready - let's do it girls!

For Christmas this year, Mark and I have decided to open our home to Caleb, a 2 year old Boston Terrier. He has had a sad life so far. He has obviously been abused and neglected, because he came to us very skinny and very scared and sad. He would cower and pee when you'd come near him, and would run into his crate.

After just a few days with us, we're happy to report that he is doing well. Caleb is learning commands quickly and takes quick hints from his 3 year old sister Sophie.We've decided to see for the next few weeks how things work out with Caleb in our household. If things go well, we will be formally adopting him, otherwise, we'll find him the best forever home possible. Our main goal right now is to try to get him happy and healthy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

No rest for the weary

Seriously this adult/real world thing is no joke.

Sorry to be so delinquent on posting but I started my new job on 11/27ish and it's been nonstop ever since. In a nutshell, I'm tired but I love it.
Highlights of the past month
- training for the marathon is going great! My mile times are getting slower, but we're going longer distances too so it's ok! 10 miles last weekend and 11 today - HOLLER!!! 2 hours straight running with Andrea. I'm so pumped that she is doing the marathon with us!
- work is awesome! It's busy, challenging, and completely fulfilling.
- friends ROCK! We had a successful Hooters gtg and got so much support from our fabulous OC Nesties
- Mr10yt has been super supportive and tailor makes my carbload dinners before our big Saturday morning runs. He's sweet in his own way.

- why ruin the momentum?

Hooters GTG in Costa Mesa