Sunday, September 21, 2008

I need to change my name... 12yearstogether because today, September 21, 2008, it has officially been 12 years with Mr10yt. Yay! When you get marriaged does it mean that you start ignoring your old anniversary? Maybe, but this day is special because it's also Mommy and Daddy10yt's 35th Wedding Anniversary today! Wahooo!

Anyhow, it's been a...wild and interesting ride these past 12 years, and I wouldn't have done anything differently because if I had, we might not be where we are today. That makes everything worth it.

A few pictures I'll share of us over the years.

1996: Mark was in the USMC and I was working at Charlotte Russe. Silly kids.

1999: We were big into working out together this year. We each thought we were hotter than the other. Heh.

2001: We had the flu together. Even when I was sick, back then I did my eyebrows and put on makeup to take picture. Moted.

2003: Starting to grow up right around here. Mark was working his first real "career" job and I was about to graduate and get my very own career as well.

2004: Feeling like grown ups now, dressing like it too.

2005: Don't stop believin...

2006: He finally gave in.

2007: Settled. Satisfied. Happy.

2008: Best it's ever been, at least so far!

Thanks for reading. =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

**For my EC lovers** Hommona hummunaahhhh

I just had to have a place where I could get a whole lotta goodness at one time. If you have other pictures that I've left out, PAHleeez email them to me and I will add them.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby???? What the fffffff.....

Why did I do this? I went to from a link that my girlfriend found. Apparently you can fuse you and your partner's pictures together to see what your hypothetical baby would look like. Results

Here are the results. Boy or girl? Who knows. I can't tell. No further commentary necessary for these:

The Joy of Soy...

I bought Yves brand "Meatless Ground" from Trader Joe's to see how it would taste as a ground beef substitute for my spaghetti. Not bad but not totally great. It definitely doesn't have that "beefy meaty" taste I used to love and that I, quite honestly, miss. The good thing is that since it's made from soy, it has 0 cholesterol.

It LOOKS like ground beef at least.

I planned on making it for my dinner tonight and was pretty excited until I came home from the gym only to walk into a house that smelled like bbq chicken wings. It really hurt my feelings because I just love wings. So I was pretty bitter as I cooked my spaghetti.

Oh well. The spaghetti (pic is not mine) was pretty good and I'd make it again for one of those quick go-to meals. The sauce is Ragu because I'm lazy and classy like that. Shut it.

If you aren't a foodie or aren't very picky about food, check it out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm ready to ride! New stuff yay!

Soooo....I said goodbye to Penny after a spill that scared the beegeezus out of me. She was too fast and I am too clumsy and inexperienced to handle a bike that fancy. I was fortunate enough that the LBS (local bike shop) where I got Penny took her back even though this was outside of their policy. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Two Wheels One Planet in Lake Forest. Jeff was really nice and spent a lot of time fitting me for the right bike.

I now introduce Clementine, in technical terms she's a Trek 7.5 fx WSD. She is halfway between a true hybrid and a roadbike in weight so thankfully a tad slower and heavier but the carbon fork makes for a smooth ride. She has the flat handlebars that give me the security I've been wanting. I love her already!

I also ordered a bike pannier so I can ride to the grocery store every now and then and pick up a few things without having to use my car. Team Green!

So that I don't hit runners and people know when I'm coming from behind, I got a turtle squeaky horn.

And since it will get cold shortly, I got cycling leg warmers.

I'm ready to ride!

Oh PS Mom don't worry, I got a helmet and also my gloves like you said so my hands don't freckle from the sun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time to update!

Hi Lovers!

Quick updates on me:

Summer was good and filled with seeing family and friends, catching up, working at my job which I'm really loving since I got there last November and keeping up with my health/fitness.

Mark and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Whew!

I gave up meat (beef, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb, veal), milk, and cheese (milk and cheese products are harder to cut out but I'm trying). Still eating fish though. I thought I'd see if I felt better physically and to be honest, I watched a PETA video "Meet Your Meat" and read the book Skinny Bitch and I felt compelled to at least try it. To top it off, the doctors have told my dad that if he wants to live past 60 (he's 55), he better watch his blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as his family history for late-onset diabetes and that a good step would be to cut out alcohol and fatty meats. thinks that if my dad has to watch it then maybe I should too. Is it permanent? I don't know, but it's been a month and I don't miss it too much but the thought of no more prime rib or buffalo wings hurts my heart something awful.

Got a bike, named her Penny (short for Penelope) and boy is my girl FAST! I am joining Orange County Wheelmen, but unfortunately they've told me I need to be able to ride for at least 15 miles at a 12mph speed before I can ride with them. Soon enough!:

I officially start my swimming lessons on September 16th with the YMCA. With the help of Yahpee (Aline), I hope to be able to swim 1/2 a mile in open water by around March 2009. Considering that I can only doggie-paddle about 10 yards at a time with the comfort of the pool edge within my reach, this is a big deal for me. This is me currently:

August 31, 2008 Disney Half Marathon - CHECK! Aline, Kim, Kim's MOH Michelle, Joy, Claire, Andrea and Me did the race together. I had my best time ever! 2:06 and change wahooo! After waking up at an unGodly hour of 3am and being at Claire's house by 340ish so that MVP Tim could take us there, we set off. It was pretty great, except for the muggy heat. The cool ass medal and post-race Soup Plantation sure as hell made up for it though.

RIGHT before the gun went off...pretty exciting

I can officially say I've ran a race through the Magic Kingdom (Castle? Whatever). My everlasting pacing partner Andrea and Me (still giddy at mile 2-ish):

Hurting hurting hurting....I think this is around mile 10ish:

Disneyland was such a rush that guess what I've signed up for for October 12, 2008? Yes, a race that is 100% along the shoreline. How can you beat that?

Twilight. Edward Cullen. Yummehhhh.... No further explanation needed to fans and non-fans alike. November 12th can't come soon enough darling.

Cheefy Beefy Romanian Melts, with a can of Pepsi. I'm STILL crying. Oh hell.

That's about it.