Sunday, January 13, 2008

Run 15.1 miles....CHECK!

Thank you God!! I made it! FIFTEEN MILES (15.1 if we're being exact)!!

I have never run this distance in my whole life, and today it happened. I had my pacing partner USCgirl with me and she kept me running strong (well, until about mile 13.5 and then it got ugly). The team met up at 8am at Back Bay loop in Newport Beach. It was sunny and hot, but we made it. My stupid ipod wouldn't turn on so I was at a loss for music but I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would because the scenery was so beautiful:

- hot and hilly
- side cramps at mile 11.5 from overhydrating all at once
- knee and hip flexor tension starting at mile 9ish
- calf tightness starting at mile 13.5

Total time: 2:54:11 - not the time I would have liked, but it was hot and hilly, so I'm just happy I finished.

What a great way to end the night - Mr.10yt made Cioppino - mmmmm!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Personal entry re Wine & Fondue Fundraising Event & GTG

I use this blog as a diary sometimes, and last night's wine and fondue fundraising event/gtg really touched me emotionally. So I really want to keep some of the links building up to it for future reference here. I'm also getting several emails from Sparklers who ask me about the "Nesties" - this is for them! Welcome to our world! From virtual friends to real life keepers!

OC Nestie Marathon Runners Fundraise for Charity (Leukemia and Lymphoma)!

Thanks to our family & friends, we had a successful night with wine and fondue to raise money for the Luekemia & Lymphoma Society.

To recap: me, Cat, Jessica, Aline and Kim joined forces with the OC Chapter of Team in Training to train for the LA Marathon on March 2, 2008 and to simultaneously raise money towards finding a cure for Luekemia & Lymphoma.

Kate, Claire and Andrea have and continue to train and run with us, and Andrea is also doing the LA Marathon.

Big THANKS and MUCH LOVE to the following people and vendors who contributed to last night's success:

- Cat and Rob (aka MVP) for having this event in their gorgeous home - Rob got MVP for being the master fondue chef and Cat did SO MUCH on her own behind the scenes without complaining, what a lady!
- Jennifer Johnson for her wonderful event planning skills
- Flower Allie for the dreamy centerpieces
- Corey (aka Kim's hubbers) for being the best bartender west of the rockies
- LA Nesties who made the long drive to be there for us and show their support and to conspire to win 50% of the raffle items (well, 80% of them did anyway)
- La Fondue, the Winery Restaurant, Condom Revolution, California Pizza Kitchen, Red Robin, Mimi's Cafe for being only SOME of the great contributors of raffle items.
- Ralphs for the huge financial support that went to supply the food and wine for the event
- 10yearstogether for assembling the chocolate fountain

- our husbands and OC NESTIES who continue to support us as we train for the big race. Thanks for being there last night, and for those of you who couldn't make it but wanted to, we still thank you!

We're running with our hearts, minds and bodies with the hopes that our efforts will one day find a cure for Luekemia, Lymphoma and all blood cancers - God help us!

The running crew:

The cool kids:

More cool kids:

The not so cool kids:

Cat's fabbo hubber - aka "MVP!!!"

Men who love runners:

Lovely decor:


Too. Much. Goodness.

There are winners in this world, and then there are....

Proud Nesties!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Post race ouchies =(

Some inspirational thoughts in honor of my OC Nesties that are battling the post-race pain today, just like me. It's all worth it girls, keep your eye on the prize - LA Marathon on March 2, 2008 is definitely within reach and we are going to get there and finish it together.


I want to get a T-shirt with this on it:

I like to think this looks like me, look at how skinny her legs are! Gimme skinny!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


This day was so huge for our team. It was the last race before we venture into intense LA Marathon training - the OC Half Marathon!

A few notable points - God is good!! It was forecasted to rain like a mofo this weekend, and a lot of us were really upset. It rained the entire night before, on the way to the race, and up until a few minutes before we started! It stayed DRY until just a few minutes after Aline finished. I couldn't believe it. We ran injury free and had a great race, despite the uphill grade from about mile 10 onward.

Special thanks to our husbands and friends that supported us along the course and that were there at the finish line, and to Kate, Jon and Ringo for making their way out for us! Jess - we missed you out there!

Thanks to everyone for all your support so far. LA HERE WE COME!!

Adrenaline was high at 630am


We are always so happy at mile 0.01

Kate is one of our biggest supports with Jon and Ringo

I got a shiny medal!

We did it!

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year - a party with good friends. Thanks to Tim and Claire for hosting at their beautiful home, we were able to ring in the new year with some great friends and an abundance of liquor and food.

Here are some photos, but before that - CONGRATS to Kim and Corey for buying their first home! We actually spent the night with them and blessed it right. Mark and Corey decided to do topless wrestling at 4am, Mark got a bloody mose and black eye, and my camera has gone on to greener pastures.

Waking up the next day was hard, but Kate made it easier with a homemade brunch spread - thanks Kate!

Our white elephant gift - cha cha cha CHIA!