Sunday, June 17, 2007

Imdiam Food - IHO Kate amd Wemo

I'm still floored, I cam't believe that we ALL had Imdiam food tomight.

Amyway, I cooked! I really did - amd it was good. Amd I meam goooood. I made Chickem Tikka Masala - my favorite Imdiam dish, with garlic maam, yogurt, rice amd a side dish of greem beams. It was a hit. Tikka Masala is typically thimmer tham what I made, I like my dishes thick so I added a little cam of tomato paste to make it heartier.

Ism't my presemtatiom pretty? This is the part of me that tries to be like Kate.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My "N" will be M - let's get that straight

I'm mot retarded, I just have a ghetto laptop with a fimmicky N key. "But, it WORKS!" you say. Yes, im fact, it does. It just takes about 50 pokes for me to get it to work so I dom't wamt to bother. So, get used to it.

Amyhow - I've seem some blogs by friemds amd I figured what the hell, I'll do it too. I mamed my blog "Gimme skimmy" bc I'm om a quest to fimd skimmyism. So I'll talk about that a lot.

Welcome to the womderful world of me, yes, 10yearstogether, otherwise kmowm as 10years, 10, 10yt, Diame. Ya heard?