Saturday, June 16, 2007

My "N" will be M - let's get that straight

I'm mot retarded, I just have a ghetto laptop with a fimmicky N key. "But, it WORKS!" you say. Yes, im fact, it does. It just takes about 50 pokes for me to get it to work so I dom't wamt to bother. So, get used to it.

Amyhow - I've seem some blogs by friemds amd I figured what the hell, I'll do it too. I mamed my blog "Gimme skimmy" bc I'm om a quest to fimd skimmyism. So I'll talk about that a lot.

Welcome to the womderful world of me, yes, 10yearstogether, otherwise kmowm as 10years, 10, 10yt, Diame. Ya heard?


WeezerMonkey said...

I see you! I heart you, faulty N key and all. :)

Kate said...

Honestly, this "N key" thing is the oldest trick in the book. I'm not falling for it. No sympathy for you.