Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dog lovers only

Mother's Day was a regular day for me. My mom is in the bay area. It gave me the chance to meet Ann Marie and cute Jack at the dog park with my two rats!

On our way! Sophie gets so excited in the car, and Caleb is always nervous.

Jack and Ann Marie!

Jack is SO CUTE!

Fun little Jack Russell Terrier

This little Frenchie was SO stocky and adorable

Black Pug - her name was "Dot" - how cute is that?

My soccer star Sophie


We headed on over to Knolwood after since it is dog-friendly. Not exactly French Laundry, but hey we were hungry.

The doggies were able to get some scrap treats too. How can you say no to faces like that?

Jack says: "Please sir, give me more"


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spa di da

May is my birthday month. I'm not really one to celebrate too lavishly but I do like to do something nice. My guess is that I'll probably go to dinner with Mr10yt and not go out of town, which is fine by me. I'm thinking I want a spa day. A massage and maybe even a mud bath and body scrub at a spa where they have a sauna and jacuzzi for me to loiter in even after my services are done.

Sounds fantastic, right?

Anyone want to join me? Costco even has gift cards for $80 for $100 worth of services at Burke Williams, in case you're ever interested. I think they have the same deal for Spa Gregories. Although I think their prices are steep, as long as they let me hang out for a while with champagne and a good book, I'm game for a splurge.


Someone please tell me this isn't what a spa mud bath is really like.

If you have any OC recs for the kind of place I'm looking for, please let me know!