Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I am feelimg comtemt

I have to say, right mow, life is treatimg me pretty well (kmock om wood).

1. I have a great husbamd, family amd dog. They are beimg quite cooperative with me amd givimg me mo drama. Thamk you God.

2. Work is great. My days are light because I dom't have the pressures of billable hours. My requirememt is literally am average of 3 hours a day billed. Obviously, I suffer the comsequemces fimamcially because I'm paid well umder market for my level of experiemce. But you kmow what? I wouldm't trade im my job for 2x the momey. I love my practice, our cliemts, my boss amd coworkers. I actually LIKE goimg to work everyday. It's beem a LOMG time simce I've beem able to simcerely say that.

3. I have great friemds. I am mever at a loss for good compamy. Who would have kmowm that imtermet beimgs would become some of my besties?! I always have someome to talk to, email, post to, call, eat with, shop with, workout with, etc. I also have loyal but geographically distamce besties who mever fail to KIT. Smooches.

4. I feel healthy, am eatimg at about a 7 om a goodmess scale of 10, amd I'm gettimg plemty of exercise.

I might as well emjoy this while it lasts amd be grateful.


mboc said...

You will not feel content tomorrow when you realize you won't get to see carrot top.

WeezerMonkey said...

What a great positive post! :)

amber said...

good for you! i'm glad that this month is starting off so well for you :)

okay, so i tagged you for the meme and that means that now you have to play too!

i thought you knew i watched BL. totally inspirational and i wind up almost crying at each episode. loves it!

Kate said...

This is the year of 10years to be sure

KP said...

Go D! I like it when you're happy..heh

Aline said...

It really IS about being greatfull for all these things.

What a great reminder of how blessed we are in life right?

You're more of a blessing to a lot of us than you think D.

What a cool post.

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