Monday, October 22, 2007

!!!!Fires in Orange County, San Diego & LA Counties!!!!!

Most of you know that I was in San Francisco this weekend so I have some stories to tell and pictures to share. But for now, I just want to take today to be mellow and appreciate the gravity of the Southern California fires.

Dear God I can see the red sky in the distance and it is SO WINDY right now. How scary. As if 10:21 pm, the news is reporting that the fires in Foothill Ranch are not dying. The news is also saying that we will be having the worst winds over the next 24hours - I just want to cry. I am about 9 miles from the Foothill Ranch fires.

Many people have been evacuated in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, as well as up in Santa Clarita and Lake Arrowhead. A few of my family members have been evacuated from their homes in North San Diego, and I have several friends that are also close to the fires. Foothill Ranch is a few miles from me and I too am scared. As I drove home from the gym, I could see the red flames.

Sending good thoughts and wishes for health and safety to our friends and family that have been affected. What a sad few days it's been.

Foothill Ranch fires about 8-9 miles away:

Thank you for the pictures Dawn.


dapotato said...

hope you and your bubsies stay safe. :(.

Jamie said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Love you long time

amber said...

stay safe D! it is just so awful right now :(

R said...

So scary. 9 miles in that picture looks way too close.

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