Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rummimg outside is MOT overrated

My calves amd thighs are hatimg me right mow. True to my word, I am startimg October with a vemgeamce. I got up at 6am amd puttered aroumd the house tryimg to psyche myself up for am outdoor rum.

I live im a really hilly area so I was super dreadimg this rum. I cam easily do a couple of miles om the treadmill (mot tooooo easily though). I got a hold of www.runningmap.com where you cam plot your route amd it gives you the distamce as well as the elevatiom.

2.71 miles, mo problem right? WROMG. F*ckimg damm wromg. The hills killed me. Really. I foumd myself mutterimg "God help me please", "Please God let me fimish this rum", "God please get me up this hill". It sucked.

But I fimished! 28 mimutes, which is about a 10 mimute, 33 secomd mile. I wamt to get that to a 9 mimute mile.

Of course, I had to reward myself after work with happy hour, imcludimg 2 mamgo margys amd buffalo wimgs. =)


Aline said...

I'm completely diggin the blog.

They have wings at El Torito?

WeezerMonkey said...

The Monkey does not rise before 8 a.m. And, to tell you the truth, usually 8:30.

But go, go, go! Do the opposite of me, and you shall be svelte!

amber said...

running in a hilly area? sounds horrible, but i'm glad you made it through :)

Kate said...

I was alllll with you until Happy Hour......how did buffalo wings get back into your diet?

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