Friday, October 5, 2007

Live Strong and Get Hot!!

It's almost time to start official training for the Orange County Half Marathon ("Halfie")! My running schedule will be as follows:

Monday - 3.5mile AM outdoor run (hills and distance for endurance)
Tuesday - 2.5mile PM treadmill run (short distance and flat for timing)
Wednesday - 3.5mile AM outdoor run (hills and distance for endurance)
Thursday - No run
Friday - No run
Saturday - 4.5mile AM outdoor run (distance and timing)
Sunday - No run

If you want to see the other components of my first week of training, click here:

I have to credit Sparkpeople for jump-starting my motivation and workout regimen, which started on January 3, 2007. The ladies on there have truly inspired me not just to lose weight for vanity but to get healthy and LIVE STRONG (Jessica and Aline were frontrunners so kisses kisses!). My new SP friend Magda (Sparker "Smurfette0725) from SP has been my "goal" physique (see photo above) - she has lost 25 pounds by running and joined when I did. If doing the OC Halfie will get me her figure, I'm all in!

Pre-conditioning week has 2 more days - tomorrow (Saturday) is a longer run on the beach, followed by strength training and yoga on Sunday. Bring it.

I'm currently reading "My Journey Back to Life" by Lance Armstrong (*swooning*), so, accordingly, I'll sign off by saying "LIVE STRONG and GET HOT!!!"


mboc said...

Aaaah, so you like men that cheat on their women.

Kate said...

men that cheat on their women after their women nurse them through cancer

Trisha L. said...

You are looking good! Keep up the good work and lay off those wings!

Aline said...

Yea dude Magda is hot. I Sparkpeople stalk her.


She has my goal figure also.

Glad I could get you motivated in the begining of this all-- Thank You for holding my hand right now while I'm staggering to get back up...

Cheesey huh? I mean it though! I got mad love for you gurrrllllll!!

amber said...

yay for the sparkies! thanks btw for your comment on my motivation post earlier. i'm back in it to win it this week :)

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