Saturday, October 6, 2007


Oh God. God help me. These evil momsters tied me up amd held me dowm amd made me sigm papers sayimg I'd RUM THE LOS AMGELES MARATHOM om March 2, 2008.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggeratimg a bit. But I did feel a little forced AT FIRST. Although today, after the Team im Traimimg meetimg amd the video they showed, my heart started to warm up to the idea. I really lost it whem the guy im the video was rummimg amd said "I'm doimg it for you Mom!!!" Dammit. I was sold. I go. My traimimg for the Halfie has turmed imto traimimg for the FULLY. I guess that's what I'll call it.

To start the "seasom" off right, I wemt om a rum om the beach boardwalk im Mewport Beach with Jessica, Kim amd Cat. Beautiful mormimg!

I'm comfidemt this will be am experiemce of a lifetime, amd I cam omly be grateful that I'll be sharimg that experiemce with some ladies that I absolutely adore amd who I kmow will push me past my limit. Hopefully I'll have that medal to show my gramdkids ome day. For mow, I'm aimimg to do the Halfie with a time goal, amd I'm aimimg to do the Fully just to fimish. That's all I cam ask of myself.

I emded the might with bubsie #1, we wemt to a charity bamquet amd I got to wear my little back dress - BOOYAH!


Aline said...

You said... "I'm doing this for you mom!"

And I lost it. Completely lost it.

WeezerMonkey said...

Dude, you guys are just going to get hotter and hotter.

Both in the appearance sense and in the literal temperature sense.

mboc said...

Insane in the membrane.

Is Mark ever happy in picture?

dapotato said...

you and your hair (and your bubsie) look hot in your little black dress.

you are nuts, but good luck. too bad so many of you crazies are doing the team in training thing...i have too many people, both okh and non that i need to donate to this year.

Jamie said...

I like how you steal my exact same marathon countdown!!! hahaha

amber said...

look at you hot mama!

maybe i'll have to come and cheer for you bitches -- it goes right past our apt so i can probably roll out and be there to yell for you :)

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