Monday, October 22, 2007

Frisco Frolicking!

I hate when people call San Francisco "Frisco" - but it sounded good to me.

Spent the weekend in SF for family functions. I ate terribly but I was good about working out!!

Saturday: 5.5 miles total outdoor run; 9:39 pace for 4 miles - hooray! It was hilly so I'm happy with this!
Sunday: upper body strength training and 1.75 light jog.


Friday - TGIF calls for TGI Fridays! I ate like a pig and drank a bit, oopsy.

Saturday - birthday party at Jollibee's - Filipino heaven consisting of spaghetti, fried chicken and mocha chocolate crunch cake. I got a picture with Jollibee himself, wuuuhuuu.

Also saw one of my bridesmen Sunil and we (along with my cuzzos) frolicked downtown at the Sugar Lounge - isn't he pretty?

The "joyride" home, yikes:

Sunday - my cousin's baby shower - more food. Ouch. This is just ONE of the 3 tables of food. Ugh.

And yes, I'm wearing the same shirt from the night before - dual purpose packing - I'm all about it:

I'm home now and I'm pooped. And sad because of the fires. I can't wait for Friday.


Kelli said...

I spy lumpia! My MIL has me hooked on them and everytime DH goes up to SF to see her she makes him hundreds in freezer bags to satisfy our cravings.

WeezerMonkey said...

Of course it sounds good -- alliteration rules!

Please advise what I should order at Jollibee. We have one nearby, and I've never been.

10yearstogether said...

Wemo - you have Jollibee close to you!?! omg! You have to order "Chickemjoy" - lmao. I wom't tell you what it is though. Kelli - yes that's lumpia but sadly I thimk I omly got aroumd to eatimg OME simgle piece!

dapotato said...

mr. tater spied the lumpia from across the room and demanded to know why we weren't invited to the party.

he might ask his filipino boss to pay out his bonus in lumpia instead of cash. i say it's a tough or lumpia.

yes, he had some wine tonight.

amber said...

only one piece of lumpia?!? i'm sad for you.

sounds like a fun weekend though!

BriannaNichole said...

Yummmy food. My cousin's Mom alwasys cooks really yummy filipino food *drool*.

BTW you look crack skinny in your pics, I love it!:)

R said...

I heart lumpia. All that fooding and frolicking is making me hungry.

J Lopez said...

where was I? haha, jk! i was in NY. Yes sunil is very pretty & you are so moded w/your shirt. but what else is new.

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