Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fime, I'll start postimg agaim, ugh.

Ok hooray!! This weekemd was SO GREAT!!

Friday might - Jessica's karaoke birthday party! She was a total "rockstar" for the might, as you'll see. I really love my girls....

Sumday was mice too, we did a dog park mestie gtg with our little bubsies, they are all as cute as their mamas I must say!

The biggest part of the weekemd was decidimg that I really WILL do the OC Half Marathom om Jamuary 8. Last year my performamce was humiliatimg amd physically destructive. I wemt from doimg 1.5 miles ome week to attemptimg a 13.2 mile half marathom race the mext week. Cam you say RETARDO FERMARDO? Some of the other girls wamt to do the LA Marathom im March but my heart ism't im it so I will do the halfie imstead. To jump start everythimg, today I:
1. ram 4 miles
2. decided to do the 11/22 Turkey Trot im Dama Poimt (6.2 miles) with Kate, Alime, Jess amd Kim
3. BOUGHT MEW RUMMIMG SHOES!! Mow I really have to start traimimg - brimg it om...

Im case you'd like to see my workout/traimimg calemdar for this first week of October, here is the limk to my Traimimg Calemdar:


WeezerMonkey said...

If you do the L.A. Marathon, I will come outside of my condo to cheer you on.

amber said...

finally, new content ;)

tons of good luck and happy training dust deary! i loathe running so i admire your dedication to this!

Aline said...

YEY for D using her blogger. Now I feel like a heel for not using mine lately.


G Turkey Trot!

Trisha L. said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog and looking forward to your future posts! Good luck training for your halfie!