Monday, October 19, 2009

Plastic surgery

Earlier, I blogged here about having unrealistic physical goals. My good friend weezermonkey pointed out that most celebs have plastic surgery, and pointed me to to see how a LOT of celebs have gone under the knife to look oh-so-perfect. I assumed that a lot of magazine photos are photoshopped, but oh brother I never thought some celebs had work done. I was secretly pleased to know that most people aren't perfect, even the ones that I thought were naturally born looking that way.

These are some doozies. Do you believe it or not?

Most people get their lips plumped, not reduced, right?

Laura Ingalls, huh?

I personally think that aside from the breasts, everything else is real. Agree or not?

Gorgeous either way, IMO.

Color me shocked. "Real" Housewives, indeed.

Is it really possible to get a gum reduction?



weezermonkey said...

Isn't it the Best Site Ever?!

Insomniac said...

Now that I'm turning 33, I think it's time for the botox parties. lol

Angie Eats Peace said...

Doesn't surprise me at all.

ssinca said...

these photos are making me feel better about myself!

jen gardner looks like her top lip was plumped, therefore making her gums not so visible.

Buena said...

yeah hollywood is pretty disgusting. the pressure is unbelievable. i've heard established journalists from major media outlets refer to actresses as "still fat", "thick", "not as pretty in person" -with these actress sitting within ear shot in another room at press junkets.

amber said...

Oh, this kind of makes me sad. :(

Winnie said...

That's why I retouch my own pictures in Photoshop :)