Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheers to good drinks and food, and to even better friends

It's no secret that Mr.10yt is gone for work a lot. That leaves me with no cable, 2 overgrown rats, a lot of gym time, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, good times with friends. Well last week I got lucky!

I imposed on a dinner event with Claire, weezermonkey, Mel, Ashley, StarL, and Nanners. Luckily, Claire offered to drive to Yucaipa, CA for the dinner. We were surprisingly early so we stopped for a few bites and more than a few drinks at Border Grill.

4 001

4 004

Mango mojito? Don't know. I think this was drink #4 for me in a 1.25 hour span. Yikes.
4 003

I'm the loser on the right who wore work clothes. I want Claire's legs and dress.
4 007

Then we made it over to Josie's for the rest of the clan! DineLA was extended by a week, lucky us. Luckier me because I had never been to a DineLA dinner before. I was so excited. These are Weezermonkey's pictures but she said I could use them.

How lucky we were to be able to celebrate Mel's birthday eve with her! She looks no older than 19, no? She don't crack, so she says. She's apparently right.

I won't share all the food pictures because I don't want to steal the Monkey's thunder, but I had a cocktail, soup, and steak, along with some other goodies. They were phenomenal.

The amoos boosh

I had the butternut squash soup to start

My entree

It's always a kickass time filled with juicy stories and tons of laughs when we get together. I just wish we could do it more often. Thanks for having me ladies. xoxo


weezermonkey said...

This post cracks me up. I am still shaking my head that you ate RIGHT BEFORE our meal. Shameful!

Nanette said...

Love this. :)

I'd like you all to move to Santa Monica, mkay?

Liz said...

How fun! You're so cute!

ssinca said...

"The amoos boosh"


A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Omg omg omg! I was just about to comment, "wait, so did you go to Olive Garden beforehand?" and then I read WeeMo's comment. Snort.

Ann Marie said...

It cracks me up that of all the cities you picked, you chose Yucaipa.

Claire said...

Omg, d. You never fail to make me laugh. Thanks for not throwing any f-bombs in the car with the amooooos butch.

Baby Mama said...

Yum!! You look so tan too!!

Insomniac said...

Very amoosing! Like that group pic of us. lol

amber said...

Too funny! I'm sorry I missed it. :(

Winnie said...

Ooooh how fun! All of you ladies look fabulous.