Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Come To Jose

I had a Come to Jose moment tonight at the gym. Yes people, I know it's Jesus but I have a hard time using His name like that. Flame away. Just like some of you might think I'm off for saying holey moley and holey crap. I know it's "Holy" but for the same reasons I can't bring myself to spell it out in that context.

Anyway, I had a Personal Trainer (PT) tonight. He asked for my food and exercise logs for the past few weeks. I try to be super honest to myself on these logs just so I can see my food intake reality.

He said that my 2000 calorie meals consisting of chips, salsa, 20oz margaritas, and buffalo wings with ranch sauce will not be conducive to reaching my goals. Well DUH! In a month of exercising and trying to watch my food MOST of the time, I haven't lost a single pound. No significant change in how my clothes fit either. So disappointing. Onward.

So, my November goals are:

- no chips and salsa
- margaritas in moderation, no more than 2 drinks at a time
- no buffalo wings
- bye bye ranch sauce
- less red meat
- less processed and packaged crap, more fresh fruits and vegetables
- white rice, potatoes, and white pasta in serious moderation
- 20% fat, 50% carbs, and 30% protein as a guideline
- aim for 1500 calories a day, more or less depending on activity
- lift weights 2 to 3x a week, cardio 5x a week
- track my food intake every day

Bye bye:

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. God help me.

For my own record, tonight's workout:

15min precor warmup
- circuit set of side skating with cones, then high step up lunges, then squats with 9 pound kettle ball shoulder lifts; repeat 3 times
- standing position lateral pull downs on machine with heels up, butt tight, and core engaged
- circuit set of 1-bent-legged stand with bicep curls while core engaged, then 1-bent-legged stand with shoulder press; repeat 3x
- circuit set of shoulder rows, then tricep extensions; repeat 2x
- ab work on bosu ball
Cardio: 30min on stationary bike.

Total time: 1:30
Calories burned: 700

Go D!


weezermonkey said...

I am amused that your "Come to Jose" moment involved giving up chips and salsa. Surely, Jose would say si to that.

kim said...

LOL @ WM. :)

I like that you are blogging more!

amber said...

I agree with both WM and Kim. :)

I think I've told you this, but I'm one that unless I watch both food and exercise super closely I don't loose an ounce. :/ I'm sorry that we may be the same in that respect.

JD 2 B said...

Awesome workout to start your post Jose phase!!

Insomniac said...

*sigh* I'm trying to do the same thing. More veggies. More sweating. More :(

Serendipite said...

Go D! Thank goodness Halloween is still in October, huh? Skittles Martinis, here we come! ;o)

But seriously, the fruits and veggies are a great goal. If you can get past the color and texture of the green smoothies, I really think they help a TON with getting the good stuff in.

J Lopez said...

good stuff stinky.

please don't tell me you're trying to lose weight. you'll disappear.

Ashley said...

Have you tried Bethenny's Skinny Girl Margs? They're yummy!

10yearstogether said...

I really love Bethenney's Skinny Girl Margaritas. I use tequila, lime juice, splash of triple sec. Sometimes I'll add some seltzer or soda water. Serendipite has said that lime, tequila, and Fresca works just great too!

Winnie said...

I completely agree with what WM said :) So . . . if I consume 2000 calories of m&ms and skittles, it won't help me lose weight huh.