Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dinner with my Fam Bam at Roots in San Francisco

Thanks to a friend of mine for the recommendation to Roots restaurant in San Francisco. It's in the financial district, immediately next door to the entrance to Chinatown's little shopping alley.

Tip - don't attempt to drive there. My mom hurt her back the week of Thanksgiving, so taking Bart and walking wasn't an option. My dad drove. Tip - if you do drive there, don't let your impatient father take the wheel. Thankfully, we made it there safely. This was one of my parents' first times to experience a more formal restaurant, so I'm glad that the setting was warm and inviting. The staff was wonderful. Service was a bit slow but the food was well worth it.

I was surprised at how inexpensive it was!

Crab macaroni and cheese to start. Awesome. My favorite thing.

Caesar salad. It tasted better than it looks.

Garlic fries. Reminded me of the ones they serve at Giants games!

Mr10yt had the cornish game hen with pureed parsnips. Fantastic.

Me, my mom, my dad, and my brother had the steak. Birds of a feather, you know. This was mine:

My dad asked the server to just "shine a flashlight" on his. In other words, rare. Nass-toe-shah. But he loved it.

Creme brulee for dessert was perfect.

The soup chef came out to serve us the gelato that he made from scratch! Weird that he makes the hot and cold stuff. It was much better than ice cream.

From the website: "Our chef creates daily menus based on seasonal, locally grown produce, naturally raised meats and sustainable seafood. Everything we serve is at the peak of freshness and flavor." Since I am trying to be on a cleaner and more wholesome diet, and since my parents should be doing the same, I really appreciated their philosophy.

I love my Team 10yt!

Mom and Dad

My bro is shy

Me and my mom. What a trooper. She was in a lot of back pain, but made the sacrifice so she could go out with us.

Mr10yt insisted on taking a photo in front of the graffiti wall. Hmm.

Good times in San Francisco!


weezermonkey said...

Crab mac 'n' cheese looks yummy!

Are you sure he was a "soup" chef? Maybe he was the sous chef....

Aline said...

I love the picture of you and Mr 10yrs. :) Yey for spending time with the family you love.

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

Crab mac and cheese looks delicious. And LOL at weezermonkey.

JD 2 B said...

Totally drooling over the crab mac and cheese!

Insomniac said...

Thumbs up!

Maan said...

The chef looks like Coolio! haha!

dapotato said...

everything looks yum! and what weemo said. i'll have to try that place next time i go up to stay in my friend's parents' "flat" right in that 'hood.

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Omg. Soup chef. RIP mboc.

Winnie said...

Hee, soup chef. The food looks good and, you're right, pretty reasonably priced.

amber said...

Soup chef... hahahahaha! I love you D, so so much. :)

The food looks fabby, btw.

wan said...

OMG. i am truly dead at "soup chef."

the crab mac & cheese looks awesome!