Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hodgepodge, Part II

I was looking through a few old blog posts and I thought to myself - "Damn - I have no rhyme or reason to my blogging!" Although, I kind of like how it's a digital diary.

New shoes! One pair for work and one for play! They are so comfortable. Got them from Nine West. Win!
Photo on 2010-04-25 at 20.28 #3

Found this in my mailbox from my dear friend Wan - she is so full of win. I LOVE Barbie!
Photo on 2010-04-25 at 20.40 #2

My pretty girl Sophie. God I love her. How cute is her triple chin and lack of a neck? She's going super grey. Makes me sad =( She's going to be 6 this year. I wish she could live until she was 60.
Photo on 2010-04-25 at 12.25

Just so Mr. Caleb doesn't feel left out...(this is his FAVE spot in the house. Ugh, I adore this dog so much). Did you know that when we first adopted him our intent was to get him fattened up a bit and then find a new home for him? Yeah right. Not. It took but a blink for us to fall in love with this freakazoid.

And because I just can't resist:

BIG MOMENT of the week - meeting my FAVORITE author Meg Cabot at the Mission Viejo Community Center. She freaking ROCKS. She's so funny! And she is 100kx hotter in person than she is in the book photos. Official girl crush. If you need a good uplifting light read, I highly rec Boy Next Door, Everybody's Got One, and the Queen of Babble series.


My homeskillets Jessica, Ann Marie, Rachael, and me.

Some questions for those of you that bother to read my posts:
- What's your blog about?
- What do you like most about my blog?
- What don't you enjoy about my blog? I won't take offense, I'm just curious!

Also - if I don't comment on your blog already, would you leave me your blog addy if you have one? I try to read as often as I can and would love to add you to my reader. =)

Peace, love, and skinniness,



kenpen said...

Two blogs: one personal everyday stuff and I just stared a book blog (so inspired by Jessica's awesome one).

I like your dogs. I always love dog pics, way more that baby ones! I just like reading people's chatty blogs.

kenpen said...

Oh, and I love Meg Cabot too! Glad yall got to meet her.

weezermonkey said...

Aww! Sophie is smiling!

Jessica said...

- What's your blog about?

- What do you like most about my blog?
I like seeing pics of the things we do together. :-) I like your blog.

- What don't you enjoy about my blog? I won't take offense, I'm just curious!
Nothing...I like yours. It's fun. I just wish you posted more.

Andi said...

I blog about hair and makeup mostly. That and random things.

I always like the pictures in your blog.

The only thing I don't like is that you don't blog often enough.

Liz said...

I love both pair of new shoes!

And I love your blog as-is. :)

HaveShoesWillTravel said...

Love the new shoes.

I love your blog. But you should blog more often!

wan said...

i love meg cabot. her "grown-up" books are so freaking fun to read, and she IS adorable!

yay, you got my little surprise!

Ann Marie said...

1. My entire blog is a hodgepodge of books, skating, travel & food.

2. I like your blog as it is, especially Sophie & Caleb pics. They are so cute.

3. The only thing I don't like on your blog is bad pictures of me! The rest of you look super cute; I just desperately needed to blot pre-pic.

Tameka said...

I love your work and your play shoes! *fierce*

I also love seeing pics of your doggies!!

- What's your blog about?
Anything that I can think of to ramble about
- What do you like most about my blog?
That it's yours and you post really good pics
- What don't you enjoy about my blog? I won't take offense, I'm just curious!
That you don't post nearly as often as I'd like.

PS - I met Meg Cabot yesterday and she totally remembered you! She is AWESOME!

Feminist Gold Digger said...

That pic of Caleb is my favorite ever.

dapotato said...

dude, your doggies are so cute.

- What's your blog about?
- What do you like most about my blog?
- What don't you enjoy about my blog? I won't take offense, I'm just curious!
wish you posted more often.

Insomniac said...

I like your dogs, your barbies, and your creepy pictures with things that you get in the mail.

Maan said...

I love those shoes!
I also love your dogs! So cute. Love them!

I have 2 blogs. A xanga where I post about everything and a blogger for family stuff.

I like your blog because it is random. Haha. :-D I like just random stuff: your day, books, food...I like blogs that cover it all.

I don't like that you call yourself a fatty all time you skinny b. :-O oh yeah, I went there.

Lannie said...

Hello! I found your blog through sparkpeople on a friends page. What I like the most about your blog was your running diary and your journey to your marathon. Next would be the photos that you include in your blog. Nothing worse than a blog without photos. I love the pics. One little tiny thing I would like to see is more blogging...:) I check periodically just to read your random thoughts. I loved your Anchorage Alaska trip blog, as I am from Anchorage and I totally get what you were saying about asking about "eskimos" :) Anyhoo...I have a blog too... with a bunch of random things, mainly to journal my progress to my first 5k and to keep family friends updated. All my best - Lannie

LLL said...

I blog about two things, my personal adventures as a SAHW and investing. Sadly, I don't blog often enough in either. Hehe.

I love reading your blog as is and agree that you should post more often.

{grace} said...

1. I do not possess a blog. lol
2. I like the photos of your dogs, Barbies and travel.
3. I like reading your commentary on the photos. Most of your comments are pretty funny and/or cute. I also like reading about recipes you've tried. I'm always looking for new recipe ideas.

Winnie said...

(1) I only blog to put captions to pictures nowadays. Tragic.
(2) I like how you post about very random things in a variety of topic. I enjoy learning more about you.
(3) I wish you'd post more often!

P.S. I saw a dog just like your puppies yesterday and totally thought of you. Hee.

amber said...

That is a really cute picture of you and Sophie. <3

Btw, Jess told us about how you had Meg Cabot sign your third book. Tameka and I couldn't stop laughing. You're so crazy D!