Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth?

Orange County - duh! Where else can you live that you can say "gee, I think I'll go to Disneyland tonight"?

It's been a great weekend. Mr10yt was out of town again so I had to keep busy. And busy I kept!

Aside from the regular cleaning, taxes, and errands, I got to hang out with my friend A. We've made a pact to hit the gym 2x a weekend, which we did. We also had a pleasant lunch at home and she nested while I painted 1.25 walls in my guestroom. :-/

A invited me to go House of Blues for dinner followed by DISNEYLAND where she gets free admission!!! I've never been to HOB and have also never been to the Happiest Place on Earth when there were no lines for Space Mountain (I'm hoarse now), Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Small World. *sigh* Thank you A for taking us there!

All of this, combined with Cheetos and orange soda, makes for an excellent weekend in my book.

HOB in Dowtown Disney


WeezerMonkey said...

A is for AWESOME.

Winnie said...

How fun! A is awesome fo' sure for keeping you company :)

Serendipite said...

I think I would like this A person

wan-nabe said...

yay for A!

also, yay for orange snacks. cheetos and orange soda. awesome.

R said...

That is time spent well if you ask me. Fun!

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

Actually, I would never use the word "gee" in a sentence.

amber said...

sounds like so much fun!