Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mama's hooome!!

I missed blogging and missed reading everyone's blogs even more while I've been away! Thanks for the birthday wishes (5/31 was my 31st birthday - "Golden Birthday" per Cat) too.

In quick summary:
- went to Anchorage for my cousin's promotion celebration to Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force. This is a big deal and I am so proud of him. Got some shopping, photography (hee hee), cruising, and sightseeing done. Found out that telling people you're looking for "eskimos" isn't very politically correct.
- went to San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon today with Aline to watch my bestie Jamie run it and just got back. Good times and yummmmmmer food!
- I'm pooped like a muther.

Pictures to follow, but here are some pictures for now:


WeezerMonkey said...

Welcome home!

I call this your Baskin-Robbins birthday. 31 flavors, baby!

dapotato said...

welcome back!

happy belated birthday.

what are those wood things?

A Feminist Gold Digger said...

You look very skimmy in that dress.

Winnie said...

welcome back!

amber said...

those signs are awesome! :)

R said...

Happy birthday again! I know you eat that up. ;) Happy you had a great weekend. :)

wan-nabe said...


omg. you did not.