Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What's the best way to prepare your body for a marathon ANNNNND for Thanksgiving goodness? TURKEY TROT! A team of OC Nesties decided to run the Dana Point 10k Turkey Trot together. And we did it!

Festivities began at 5am-ish at Kate's place, Lordie that was early but the energy was intense! It was so nice of some of the husbands to come and support us as well as Katie and Kam.

So much to be thankful for this year =)

Claire, Jessica, Diane, Kim, Kate, Andrea, Cat & Aline
aka: ihearttim, Young_Love, 10yearstogether, AsianPrncssKim, Blu-EyedWife, USCgirl, Yeahimcat & Mrs50%

So OA:

How cute! Matt, Jon, Robert, Corey & Ringo

Can you say "hardcore"?



I'm also grateful that after having a slight knee scare after last weekend's run, I still met my goal of finishing in under an hour - 56:58min/9:02 per mile for 6.31 miles (unofficially).


amber said...

OMG you girls are so awesome! love the shirts, love the smiles, love the guys coming out to support everyone!

have a great thanksgiving D. you totally deserve it :D

Sara said...

YAAAAYYY D!!! Congrats on finishing under an hour :D

ssinca said...

since it's thanksgiving, I'll be nice and say CONGRATS!


Jessica said...

Yay us!!

WeezerMonkey said...

Those shirts!
Congrats to you all. :)

R said...

I heart this post so much. Yay to you all and congrats!! :)

Winnie said...

Those shirts are great! Congrats on finishing under an hour!

Trisha said...

U guys are too much! Way to go on your 10K!

Jared said...

I can see the OC Nesties doing the Bay to Breakers rockin' that gear.

Kimberly said...


...isn't it time for an update?

wan-nabe said...

okay, the tank is KILLING me. but in a good way :)